Struggling to build good habits?

Mastermind helps you build good habits by leveraging the same addictive powers of social media.

What can you do with it?

Host a 30 day challenge

Kickstart building habits with your community with a 30 day challenge.

Build habits with friends

Stay motivated by doing them with your people.

Build a stronger community

Use your community to support each other in building habits

How does it work?
Hundreds of people are changing their lives with Mastermind...

"This month has been by far the most productive month in a loong time. I don't remember the last time I actually exercised 4x per week for a WHOLE month!"

— Phil R.
"It's funny how such a simple app can have such a profound change. Knowing my friends are on their shit makes me do my shit. Whatever it is, it works!!!"

— Caroline J.
"I've gotten my entire family to join my habits. And now my dad is running daily and my mom is curing her anxiety with meditation! Thank you!"

— Paul M.

You don't have to be told that you should exercise, read a book or eat better - you already know that. The problem is that you get sucked into scrolling through social media apps where you mindlessly spend hours that should have been spent doing your habits.

And you already know what that leads to. A lazy, unhappy, unhealthy person. You don't want that.

You tried watching motivational videos but that didn't last long. You even started hitting the gym but fell off rather quickly. You even bought courses on a few things but still... nothing worked.

Mastermind works because it uses the same mechanisms that make you addicted to social media apps - but for good. That is, instead of getting addicted to scrolling, it gets you addicted to doing. And doing is good. Doing gets you healthier, richer and happier. Doing is what gets you to become your best self.

Ready to give it a go?